You can raise resilient kids.

Power up positive emotions.

You can raise resilient kids.

Power up positive emotions.

Science Based

Backed by 170+ studies, this program helps parents and children learn specific skills to increase resilience.

Family Focused

With this program parents help their children learn how to bounce back from everyday challenges and thrive.

Activity Driven

The 135+ hands-on activities make this program fun and engaging for children from age 4 to 18.

How it works.

Quick Prep

Spend just 10-20 minutes learning the concept yourself and getting the activity ready.

Learn Together

Guide lecture-free learning through scientifically designed activities, stories, and discussion ideas.

Make it Stick

The songs, meditations, stories, superheroes, and more will help the whole family remember and make it stick.

We turn science
into family fun.

Researchers have identified what makes us emotionally strong.
We’ve transformed this research into activity-based learning.

The Rezillion Superheroes are delightful reminders of the concepts.

Award-winning artist, Greg Newbold, created a whimsical illustration of the five core concepts, including the Rezillion Superheroes.

Fun new songs reinforce the concepts throughout the day.

Here’s a sample of our five original songs. These toe-tapping resilience messages are even more powerful because music is processed differently in our brains.

Tailor our program to your children and teens with 135+ activities.

When teaching your family, you can choose from dozens of hands-on activities to adapt Handful of Hope specifically to how your children learn best.

Lecture-free learning through 10 engaging children’s stories.

In these 10 original stories, Austin and his pals in the Adventure Club get into one scrape after another, along the way they use resilience skills to solve their problems–and usually, there are magical chocolate chip cookies involved!

Your hand is a reminder of the five resilience skills.

The key to learning is to make it “sticky.” Does a concept stick in your mind for one day? One week? One year? Or does it fly out of your mind 10 minutes after hearing it? Handful of Hope is embedded with dozens of ways to help your family remember the resilience concepts.

Why it helps
your family.

With our program, parents learn specific ways to teach scientifically proven skills to increase their children’s positive emotions and boost resilience.

Five to Thrive

Each of the five core concepts in Handful of Hope has been shown through research to help individuals increase their resilience and thrive.

Antidote for Stress

Positive emotions—like joy, gratitude, and satisfaction—can actually undo the effects of negative emotions and stress in our body.

Just Happy Thoughts?

Research shows that a “positive mental attitude” does not help to decrease stress hormones but boosting positive emotions does.

Help your family while helping others.

We donate proceeds to provide scholarships for children in foster care.

Success Stories

My kids are happier and more able to handle challenges.

– Mom of three teens

I grew closer to my family doing Handful of Hope.

– 14-year-old girl

My family can’t wait to see the weekly activity. We look forward to each lesson together.

– Mom of 5-year-old, 9-year-old, and 11-year-old

I feel like my family and I are growing and changing every day thanks to Handful of Hope.

– Mom of four kids ages 7 to 16

Ready to be resilient?